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General food packaging bags need to pay attention to three points in the printing process

Food packaging bags General food packaging bags generally include two types, unprinted food packaging bags and printed general food packaging bags. For non-printed general food packaging bags, customers generally have to configure relevant self-adhesive labels or certificates after purchase. So for the food packaging bags that are printed all over, can they be printed arbitrarily just like the “privately-made” food packaging bags? The answer is no, so what are the constraints in the printing process of general-purpose food packaging bags? In this article, China will analyze it with you. my country has specially issued relevant documents on food packaging bags: “General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods” and “General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Special Dietary Foods”, which stipulate the following points: 1. The name and font size must be unified to reflect their true attributes. For example, the special name needs the same font size, such as “chocolate” and “sandwich biscuit” in “chocolate sandwich biscuits” should use the same font size. It is important to mark the need for publicity. Relevant regulations also stipulate that food manufacturers use “newly created names”, “trademark names”, etc. in printing, and also need to indicate the names specified in the relevant national standards or industry standards or equivalent names in the adjacent departments of the displayed names, which need to reflect the name. its real properties. Second, pay more attention to consumers’ right to know. In the printing of general food packaging bags, it is also required to include the food name, ingredient list, net content, content, production date, production name and address and other relevant information. The content should be real and effective, the Chinese characters must be standardized, and the graphics and characters must be scientific and authentic. Third, the production date should be eye-catching and easy to query. It is not difficult for consumers to develop in the past shopping, and it is difficult to check the production date and shelf life. Some even say “see the outer packaging for the production date”, but they do not know where the outer packaging is. Or “see the seal for the production date”, but some seals should be overheated and cannot be seen clearly. The “General Rules” stipulate that the production date shall not be additionally affixed, reprinted or changed. If it is marked at another location, the detailed location should be indicated, and words such as “see the outer packaging” should not be used vaguely. With the continuous prominence of food safety issues, there are also mandatory regulations on the printing of food packaging bags, which restricts some of the current non-standard effects of food labels in my country, and also protects consumers’ right to know.

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