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General performance requirements for printed packaging bag materials

1, protectiveThe ability to package and protect the packaged items is its most fundamental skill, that is, to protect the packaged items from damage, vibration during transportation, and damage caused by collisions during loading and unloading. Therefore, printing and packaging products are required to have certain Impact strength, vibration strength, package wet loudness and stacking strength, etc. 2,safety①The toxicity of the material itself of the printed packaging bag is small, especially the reading material cannot be released, which affects the health of the personnel.②In order to prevent the packaged items from being greatly damaged by the erosion of certain organisms or bacteria, the printed packaging materials should have anti-microbial, anti-rat, anti-moth and other properties.③ The material of the printed packaging bag should have anti-static properties. 3, processability① The material of the printed packaging bag should be easy to process and easy to be made into various packaging bags.②It is necessary to be able to carry out large-scale production, and it is easy to mechanize and automate the bagging operation.③The printing and packaging materials should be suitable for printing, which is convenient for printing packaging signs and decoration 4, convenience①Abundant resources and easy access to materials②The materials of used packaging bags and printed packaging bags should be easy to handle and not pollute the environment. 5, commodity① The material of the printed packaging bag used should be able to easily show the characteristics of the contents.② The printed packaging bag materials used must be transparent so that customers can see the contents.③The material of the selected printing packaging bag should be economical and cheap

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