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Goji berry packaging bag purchase strategy

With the maturity of wolfberry, the company’s focus has gradually shifted to the packaging and sales of wolfberry. Whether it is online e-commerce platforms or offline physical stores, product packaging and marketing must not be sloppy. The following is According to different user types, we will introduce you to the purchase strategy of wolfberry packaging bags. Food bags, food packaging bags 1. To be in stock is the finished product that the packaging bag manufacturer has already made and can be photographed directly. The industry name is the “full version” packaging bag, which is characterized by no trademark except for the printed pattern. ,Nutrition. If you want to make a private logo, you need additional custom stickers to stick on the surface of the bag. It is suitable for fast-moving consumer products and is not conducive to the establishment of brands. Spot packaging bags are easy to find, and they are available on major e-commerce platforms. The only difference is in quality. Purchase points: 1. Determine the product specifications, and the stock can generally provide the gram weight. The packaging bag manufacturers generally provide us with different sizes and specifications under the same capacity based on experience. 2. Looking for multiple manufacturers for comparison, we will not consider those without scale or personal agents. First of all, we will look at the production workshop. The minimum requirements for the production workshop of food-grade packaging bags must meet the clean workshop. If it is a medical type Packaging bags are required to be produced in a clean room, so by browsing the pictures of the production workshop opened by the manufacturer, we can roughly know the situation of the manufacturer. 3. Screen out several intended products, communicate with customer service and ask for sample bags. After getting the sample bags, we first touch whether the surface of the packaging bag is smooth. If it is rough, it means that there is a problem with the materials used. If it is smooth, it will not rub your hands. Secondly, observe whether there are other impurities or bubbles on the surface of the bag. If there are impurities, it means that the environment of the printing workshop is not good. If there are bubbles, it means that there is a problem with the compounding, and the packaging bag is easy to delaminate. After packaging the product, it will leak and get wet, which will affect the quality of the product. Finally, we need to test the strength of the packaging bag, put more than 2 times the weight of water or sand on the sample bag, drop it from a height of two meters, and check whether there is a problem with the sealing edge of the packaging bag. Generally, the packaging bag of poor quality, The bag will break directly after falling from a height. The purpose of this test is to prevent the bag from breaking during storage and transportation, which will eventually lead to poor user experience and affect the evaluation of market launch results. 4. After all the tests are qualified, we can purchase in large quantities. The spot is characterized by faster delivery, because it is a finished product, which saves the time required for the processing process, and the packaging bags are better used. There is no big problem, you can consider getting the goods for a long time and establishing a fixed supplier. 2. Customization Customization includes the printing, size, material, thickness, etc. of the bag. The customization fee is divided into two modules: the printing fee and the bag fee. The printing fee is to make a printing plate based on a custom-made pattern, which is unique and cannot be used by others. The pattern of a packaging bag will be divided into multiple printing plates according to the color. How long the printing plate can be used depends on the quality of the printing plate. The longer it is, the more cost-effective it is, indicating that the product has been fixed, and a certain reputation and brand effect have been established, and the cost will be reduced accordingly. Customization is more suitable for established brands. Purchase points: Screening manufacturers is the same as the steps 2 and 3 in the spot, and the additional information that needs to be provided for customization is as follows: 1. Determine the delivery date, the customized delivery date is slower than the spot delivery date, and it belongs to the order-to-order production, generally 15~20 days, if it is peak season it may be longer. Therefore, time should be reserved for the production and processing process. 2. Confirm the bag type. Generally, we browse the web page or refer to better products made by others, and send it to the packaging bag manufacturer through screenshots, and the manufacturer will inform the relevant bag type. 3. Determine the size of the product. There is an unwritten rule for customization. Generally, the manufacturer will not provide the size on the initiative. This requires a good negotiation with the manufacturer, and the gram weight of the product to be made is explained to the packaging bag manufacturer. At this time, the packaging bag manufacturer The samples will be arranged for trial installation. The effect of the trial installation is the best. It is clear at a glance whether it is suitable or not. If it is not suitable, you can make appropriate adjustments. For specific size determination, please refer to the introduction on “How Big is the Right Food Bag Size”. 4. Determine the material. The combination of materials is generally determined according to the functional use. For example, the wolfberry packaging bag needs to be sealed and moisture-proof, and PET with high air tightness can be used as the basic material. The outer layer materials are mostly made of matte film and bright light. Two kinds of membranes. Materials and packaging bag manufacturers will generally give more reasonable suggestions, or they can do it according to the sample bag. 5. The thickness is relatively simple, you can directly ask the packaging bag manufacturer or refer to the sample bag. 6. Wait for the calculation quotation. The quotation is calculated according to the printing content, size, material, thickness, freight tax and other parameters. The price is suitable, and you can place an order for production. Matters needing attention: 1. There will be many changes to the documents of the customized packaging bag. In order to avoid mistakes, the chat records and emails of each change must be saved. 2. Look carefully at the documents marked and changed by the packaging bag manufacturer. If you are not satisfied, you should communicate in time to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future.

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