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Green and safe development of biodegradable PLA stic market

China’s PLA stic packaging industry has a considerable technical level and a certain scale, and has become one of the large-scale fields in China’s PLA stics industry and packaging industry. With the continuous upgrading of the downstream consumer market and the gradual increase in social environmental protection awareness, China’s PLA stic packaging industry is pursuing With the development of a higher-level route of greening and safety, the market prospect of biodegradable PLA stics is very broad. has put into use fully biodegradable PLA stic packaging bags, which can be decomposed into environmentally friendly carbon dioxide and water within one year under composting conditions, greatly enhancing the environmental protection of the logistics chain. According to the latest research report of ASDReports, a market research and industry analysis company in the Netherlands, by 2019, the global market value of biodegradable PLA stic packaging will exceed 8.415 billion US dollars, and food and beverage packaging will be the largest major application field of biodegradable PLA stics. Lactic acid and starch-based PLA stics will continue to dominate the biodegradable PLA stic packaging market. With the enhancement of consumers’ safety awareness, everyone pays more and more attention to the hygienic and safety performance of PLA stic packaging. Of course, functionalization, personalization, convenience, and lightweight are also some trends that should be paid attention to in PLA stic packaging. Together with greening and lightweight, they are a closely related whole. As China’s packaging industry transforms towards digitization, intelligence and Internet + upgrading, the PLA stic packaging industry will usher in major changes in terms of materials, equipment, products and manufacturing.

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