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Green printing of vacuum food packaging bags

Vacuum bags, especially food packaging vacuum bags, are the “intimate clothing” of food. Their safety in raw and auxiliary materials, printing processes, etc., directly affects the quality and safety of food, and then has an impact on human health and society. Green printing of vacuum food packaging bags uses green materials, which can reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, control the migration of chemical substances remaining in vacuum food packaging bag materials and containers to the food and medicines that are vacuumed in food packaging bags, and make vacuum packaging possible. Bags are more environmentally friendly and safer, which is very beneficial to public health, environmental protection and printing companies. The green printing of vacuum food packaging bags is not only beneficial to the health of users of vacuum packaging bags, but also to the protection of the environment. On the one hand, the implementation of green printing and the use of green and environmentally friendly raw and auxiliary materials can avoid harm to employees and improve the working environment of employees. Employees’ sense of belonging and identity to the enterprise, thereby improving work efficiency and production efficiency. On the other hand, green vacuum bags are the general trend. The early implementation of green packaging printing can seize market opportunities earlier, win customers, win the market, and gain economic benefits. Vacuum bag green printing is the future development direction of the global packaging and printing industry, and the Chinese government and industry organizations are also actively guiding and promoting it. The standard of “Technical Requirements for Printing of Environmental Labeling Products Part 1: Lithographic Printing” has been issued. The General Administration of Press and Publication is actively cooperating with the Ministry of Environmental Protection to promote the introduction of the gravure green printing standard to further standardize the green printing of packaging. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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