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Hardware can also be stored in vacuum bags

For ordinary people, the use of vacuum bags may be vacuuming to preserve various foods, such as marinated beef, pork, mutton, and chicken, such as healthy oatmeal, such as various beans for soup, sugar, water, and coarse grains. Vacuum packaging has a great effect on our preservation of food. But you know what? Vacuum bags are more versatile than we think. The preservation of marine valves also uses vacuum bags. Remind that cleaned parts must be kept sealed for installation. The requirements for the installation process are as follows: 1. The installation workshop must be kept clean, or a temporary clean area, such as newly purchased color strips or plastic films, must be used to prevent dust from entering during the installation process. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags 2. Assemblers must wear clean cotton overalls, cotton caps, no hair leakage, clean feet, and plastic gloves. 3. Assembly tools must be degreased and cleaned before assembly to ensure cleanliness. [Foil bag]

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