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Health food packaging bags, warning words will be implemented next year

On August 20 this year, the State Administration for Market Supervision issued the “Guidelines for Warning Phrases in Health Food Labeling” (hereinafter referred to as the “Glossary Guidelines”), which will be implemented from January 1, 2020. Vacuum Packing Bags, Tea Packing Bags “Glossary Guidelines” suggests that health food is suitable for specific groups of people, but not suitable for treating diseases. In order to guide health food warning labels, it is easier for consumers to distinguish health food from general food and drugs, and to guide consumers to consume rationally. Requirements, 1. Set warning language and warning clauses on health food packaging labels. The warning area is located on the main display layout of the smallest sales bag (or other container) and should not be smaller than 20% of its face. There is a noticeable color difference between the text in the warning language area and the background of the warning term area. Warning phrases are printed in bold and include the following: Health foods are not medicines and are not intended to replace medicines to treat disease. 2. When the surface area of the main display layout is greater than or equal to 100 square centimeters, the font height is not less than 6.0 mm. When the surface area of the main display layout is less than 100 square centimeters, the minimum height of the warning font changes proportionally to the above. 3. Health food packaging label complaint service hotline and service hours and other information. The font of the complaint service phone is the same as the font of “health function”. 4. Health food production and operation enterprises guarantee to answer within the promised service period. Process consumer complaints, reports and records to preserve service-related information for at least 2 years. 5. In addition, health food operators should indicate consumption reminders and information such as “health food is not a drug, and cannot replace drugs to treat diseases” in prominent places such as business premises or online platforms, so as to guide consumers to consume rationally. It is stipulated that the production date and shelf life of health food should be clearly marked in a conspicuous position outside the smallest sales packaging bag (container) of the product. And the specific part of the package should be accurately marked. 1. The date label should contrast with the background color of the location, it is easy to identify except for laser etching. Date labels must not have additional patches or tampering attached. 2. The completion time of the multi-packed single piece of health food in the inner bag that is in direct contact with the food is the manufacturing date. 3. When the same pre-packaged bag contains multiple single pieces of food, the outer packaging bag is marked with the manufacturing date and shelf life of each food product. 4. Dates are marked as year, month, day. The year, month, and day in the date can be separated by symbols such as “space”, “/”, “-“, “.”), or no separator. The year number is marked with 4 digits, and the month and day are marked with 2 digits respectively. 5. The period of validity is described in the format of “XX, XX, XX, XXXX”. The release and implementation of the “Glossary Guidelines” aims to further strengthen the supervision of health food and let the public understand that health food is not a medicine. Stop criminals from falsely exaggerating the efficacy of health food, falsely publicize the function of disease treatment, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Putting warning labels on health food packaging is an important part of cleanup and rectification actions in the health food industry. It is conducive to strengthening the main responsibility of enterprises, establishing a sense of integrity and self-discipline, and showing a responsible attitude to consumers; it helps to limit false marketing behaviors of merchants. It helps protect consumers’ right to know and make consumption choices more rational.

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