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High temperature vacuum bags cannot be heated in a microwave oven

Vacuum bags are widely used around us. General vacuum bags can withstand high temperature but ordinary temperatures. Vacuum bags are now continuously improved to withstand high temperatures in boiling water. Under normal circumstances, the high temperature vacuum bag can withstand high temperature of 121 degrees in boiling water and can be cooked for 45 minutes without any problem. There is also one that can be steamed in 131-degree water for 30 minutes. There is also a maximum temperature of 141 degrees high temperature for 15 minutes. Composite bags, foil bags, plastic bags We found that the higher the temperature, the shorter the time a high temperature bag can withstand inside. The temperature of a microwave oven is much higher than that of boiling water. At present, there is no breakthrough in the technical research field of vacuum bags that can withstand the high temperature of microwave ovens. Therefore, the high-temperature vacuum bags we generally buy cannot be heated in microwave ovens. [Vacuum packaging bag][Food bag][Food packaging bag manufacturer]

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