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How about the price of aluminum foil bags

How about the price of aluminum foil bagsThe price of the aluminum foil bag is determined by the composite material and thickness, as well as the size, and the quantity of the order also plays a key role. standard answer.Aluminum foil bag price factor 1: materialAluminum foil bag is also called pure aluminum bag Material:PET/NY/AL/PE(General Packaging)PET/NY/AL/CPP(Steaming at high temperature) Thickness:70~180Micron bag shapeThe price of aluminum foil bags varies according to the choice of material.Aluminum foil bag price factor two: bag typeThe bag type selection of aluminum foil bag: three-side sealing, self-supporting zipper bag, yin and yang bag, suction bag, elevator bag, etc.characteristic:PET;The printing effect is good,NYlow oxygen permeability,AL;Strong barrier, opaque,PEOrdinary packaging inner layer,CPPHigh temperature cooking inner layerAluminum foil bag price factor three: sizeSize selection of aluminum foil bags: According to the function of aluminum foil bags, the sizes of different bags are also different. However, the thickness of the size is generally10-14wire around. The aluminum foil bags for liquids, oils, and nuts will be thicker. usually lower than10silky.Aluminum foil bag price factor four: quantityMost customers think that the price of the bag is fixed, and one less is as much as one. However, in the bag making industry, the quantity is a very important factor that affects the price, because in the process of bag making, it is necessary to open multiple large machines, which is a lot of money. And every machine has1-3A staff manipulating, which is the labor cost. After the completion of the quality inspection, but also to bag, but also to ship. you do1and100wThese programs are indispensable. In the process of bag making, there are still a lot of losses, which are included in the production cost. So many customers will ask: why1Wbags and10WWhy is the difference between bags so big. The answer is hereTo sum up: to understand the price of an aluminum foil bag, the customer needs to provide the material, size, bag type, quantity and other factors of the bag. In the case of determining these factors, the price can be quickly quoted.

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