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How about the size and capacity of the food packaging ziplock bag

PE ziplock bag refers to the automatic sealing bag without using any tools. Commonly there are ziplock ziplock bags, self-adhesive PE ziplock bags, etc. The ziplock bag is made of polyethylene (LDPE) and high-pressure linear polyethylene (LLDPE) by blown film, and heat-cut machine bags are made into re-sealing plastic bags. Common materials are PE, PVC, PP, composite bags, etc. There are many types of self-adhesive PE self-sealing bags, which are cross-cut and folded with a single film, heat-sealed on both sides, and then glued on one side of the bag. Common materials are: PE self-sealing bag, PE bone bag (multi-layer co-extruded film), PP, PVC, etc. There are more than ten kinds of common ziplock bag specifications, and the thickness ranges from 1.5 silk to 15 silk according to the application requirements. It is possible to customize a variety of printing colors and different specifications of ziplock bags. Food bags, packaging bags The number of threads in a ziplock bag refers to how thick it is. One thread is 0.01 mm, 1 mm is equal to 100 threads, and 12 threads of ziplock bags are used more in life (0.12 mm). Thickness calculation method: Take the purchase of 15-wire self-sealing bag as an example, the formula: 15-wire * 0.01 mm = 0.15 mm. It is convenient for users to purchase, and sort out the list of specifications of ziplock bags. Self-sealing self-supporting aluminum foil bags are packaging bags with strong three-dimensional sense. There are many advantages of self-sealing self-supporting aluminum foil bags. The three points are as follows: food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags 1. In the sealing, the unique bite-in bump buckle technology is used to seal tightly; The full belt is not easy to open, and the sealing groove adopts a unique concave-convex buckle technology, which makes the bite tighter, and the full bag will not automatically open due to the extrusion of the product. Second, it can stand stably, which is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts consumers’ attention; generally in many fields such as dried fruits, nuts, cute pets, and snack foods. Tea packaging bags, composite packaging bags 3. Self-sealing self-supporting aluminum foil bags are relatively novel packaging forms, which have great advantages in improving product quality, strengthening shelf visual effects, portability, ease of use, preservation and sealability. Self-sealing self-supporting bags commonly used include aluminum foil self-sealing self-supporting bags, vacuum self-sealing bags, composite self-sealing self-supporting bags, etc. At present, it has a wide range of applications, such as food packaging, electronic product packaging, tea packaging, and daily necessities packaging. In addition to some food packaging, many washing products and daily cosmetics have gradually begun to be used. Aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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