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How are beautiful food packaging bags made?

Food packaging bags are full of all aspects of our lives, and we often see all kinds of food packaging bags in major supermarkets. Some people will think, how are these beautiful food packaging bags made? Composite packaging bags, Aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag 1. Food packaging bag design: After the company receives the customer’s packaging order, the company can design a bag layout pattern that meets the product characteristics, is beautiful, and attracts consumers’ desire to buy according to the customer’s requirements for the bag. 2. Plate making: When the design artwork of the bag is determined, it is necessary to make the copper plates that need to be used on the food packaging printing machine according to some sizes and colors of the artwork. How many plates are needed is generally determined by the artwork of the packaging bag. It is determined by the colors on the board, how many colors there are almost as many plates as possible, and in special cases, several colors can also be combined on one plate. 3. Layout printing: printing the bag on the packaging printing machine, the first is the first layer of the bag, that is, the first layer of material is printed. If you want to know more about the packaging bag material, you can check our “food packaging bag material” and the scope of application of the bag”. 4. Compounding: Compounding means bonding two kinds of materials together on the bag we need to make, that is, according to the material used in the bag that the customer wants to make, if two kinds are used, they only need to be compounded once, and three kinds need to be used. Compounding twice, and so on, after compounding, the bag is probably formed. 5. Curing, slitting and bag making: After compounding, we have to wait for the materials that stick together to solidify and cool down. In this way, it is a roll of packaging film (some customers only need to make roll film, they will not It needs to be cut and made into bags.) Slitting and making bags is to separate the bags on the machine packaging film one by one, and finally make them into bags one by one. The bags made by doing this are the food packaging bags we often see on the market. [Vacuum bag][Foil bag]

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