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How are degradable plastic bags produced?

The word degradable plastic bags is not unfamiliar to everyone, so how are degradable plastic bags produced? Next, let YLTPACKING give you the answer. In order to provide a degradable plastic bag with moderate thickness, high tensile strength, simple production process, and adjustable degradation time, the formulation and production process of the degradable plastic bag are researched. It includes 65-80% calcium carbonate powder, 1-3% inorganic powder, 1-3% high filling powder and 14-35% polyethylene; the calcium carbonate powder is composed of 80% calcium carbonate particles, 15% toughness particles, 2 % defoamer and 3% filler particles. The specific degradation time can be adjusted according to the ratio between calcium carbonate powder and polyethylene. The higher the polyethylene content, the longer the degradation time. Compared with traditional plastic packaging, the plastic products produced by this formula process are more The fastest degradation time was 120 hours.

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