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How are fully biodegradable plastic bags made?

Plastic bags are something that everyone doesn’t know much about. Basically, everyone touches them every day and knows how to use them. However, after using them for many years, these things are indeed too obvious to our air pollution. It’s like spending money to buy pollution, raising a knife to scratch your own feet. With the announcement of the plastic restriction order, the use of traditional plastic bags is not allowed in this area, and production is also strictly prohibited. The use of fully biodegradable plastic bags is fully promoted and the use of recycling is advocated. So how are these plastic bags, which can be promoted by government agencies, made? What features does it have to have such a great style.After repeated scrutiny and experiments, fully biodegradable plastic bags can basically be divided into four processes: blown film, suppressed forming, printing, cutting and subsequent binding. When the raw material comes in from the inlet, according to the screw of the extruder, it goes through100After being melted at high temperature and high pressure in degrees Celsius, the thickness is set according to the requirements, and the film is blown into a circular air-cooled type to become a slender and long plastic film cylinder, which is cooled in the air and rolled to meet the semi-finished product processing of biodegradable plastic bags , and then put the rolled plastic on the machine equipment, and make finished products according to the process flow of setting, packaging and printing pattern design, cutting and so on. This type of plastic bag is different from the traditional plastic bag except for the raw materials. Most of the other production processes are similar. Only this type of packaging bag is softer and needs a little attention during the cutting process. The key advantage also depends on the raw material, which is used by the vast majority of manufacturersPBATAs a raw material, because it is also a degradable material.

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