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How do I clean a closed doctor blade system?

How do I clean a closed doctor blade system? When a closed scraper system is used, cleaning is a very important link, and it is also the link that is most easily overlooked. The cleaning steps are roughly as follows: 1. Turn off the ink pump and let the ink or varnish flow back naturally. 2. Use water or special The cleaning liquid flushes the closed scraper system. Note that the cleaning liquid cannot be used repeatedly, otherwise it can only dilute or dilute the ink and varnish, but it cannot be completely cleaned. 3. Remove the ink chamber and clean it offline, which can save time and cost. 4. The anilox roller should also be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise the residual ink or varnish may dry and solidify on its surface, which can be used during cleaning. Ultrasonic or high pressure automatic cleaning system can reduce the damage to the anilox roller. When using water-based ink or varnish, the effect of cleaning the anilox roller with hot water is also better. If the ink or varnish is already on the anilox roller The surface is dry and solid, and can be removed with a soft market or a special brush. China YLTpacking Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of flexible packaging bags. For details, please visit:

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