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How do PLA stic bags get on with biodegradation?

As consumers, we basically come into contact with all kinds of PLA stic bags every day: there are traditional PLA stic bags, as well as degradable, photodegradable, water-degradable and other degradable PLA stic bags.Whether it is buying breakfast in the morning or ordering takeaway at noon, or shopping at night for supper, there are PLA ces where PLA stic bags are used. The convenience of traditional PLA stic bags makes us feel dependent on such products. It is this sense of dependence that makes us over Most of them use PLA stic bags, and because the price is cheap and the value of recycling is not high, there is a phenomenon of random discarding, and more waste PLA stic bags appear.Under the social status of increasingly serious pollution, many scientific research institutions are developing materials that can reduce pollution or even have no pollution to re PLA ce traditional PLA stics, such as biodegradable materials, which are decomposed under natural or industrial composting conditions Microorganisms eat and transform into carbon dioxide and water, carbon dioxide is absorbed by PLA nts, and water can also be absorbed by PLA nts, so that there is no product pollution to the environment.

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