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How does the design of tea packaging bags have practical functions

The design of tea packaging bags should not only have practical functions and reflect humanistic characteristics, but also meet relevant regulations..All contents of the quantitative bag tea label must be securely affixed, printed, stamped or embossed on the packaging container.Packaging labels are not allowed inside shipping boxes, leaving retail stores to apply them;Parts of temporary printed tea labels are also not allowed(as production date)Direct contact with tea leaves in plastic bags.The text used in the label of quantitative packaging of tea must be standardized Chinese characters;The Hanyu Pinyin, ethnic minority or foreign language used on the label must be spelled correctly, correspond to the Chinese characters, and should not be larger than the corresponding Chinese characters.The unit of measurement must use the national legal unit of measurementgor grams,kgor kilogram.The actual net content of tea in quantitative packaging bags and the tolerance of the indicated net content should meet the specified single negative deviation and average negative deviation, and a small amount of weight should not be missing..For example, the state’s regulations on the measurement and inspection of imported and exported tea, the allowable difference between the actual weight and the indicated weight is: bulk tea10kgpretend to be0.14kg,40kgpretend to be0.25kg;Small package of tea100gpretend to be0.5g,500gpretend to be 2.5g.With the development of the market economy, the competition among enterprises has become increasingly fierce.Therefore, while improving the quality of tea products, we must also pay attention to the quality of products other than the products, so that enterprises can gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition and users can enjoy their products.”soft spot”.

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