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How does the doctor blade affect the coating weight?

The influence of the scraper on the coating amount has the following points: 1Squeegee pressure value, when coating, if the pressure of the scraper on the anilox roller is small, even if the scraper does not press tightly on the anilox roller or there are mechanical impurities on the blade surface, the scraper will be pushed up to form a gap, yes coating The cloth is uneven and the coating amount is large. 2, the blade angle, the lower between the blade and the contact tangent of the anilox roller is generally in35°~65°Between you, if the angle is too large, the doctor blade is almost against the anilox roller, and the surface of the mesh wire is not smooth. When it rotates at a high speed, it will cause the elastic doctor blade to vibrate or jump, so that the solution is bounced up, causing coating. The amount of cloth is not uniform, causing a large difference in the amount of coating. In addition, too large an angle can easily damage the blade. 3The sharpness of the scraper, the sharpness of the scraper mainly depends on the wear angle of the blade and the purity of the solution and the strength of the knife. If it is a new knife, the suitable sharpness of the knife should be able to effectively scrape off the adhesive or protective agent liquid layer on the anilox roll without generating the knife wire. The moderate sharpness of the knife can scrape off the solution layer, so as to obtain a uniform coating amount, otherwise, the coating amount difference will become larger. 4, Scraper flatness, when the scraper is uneven, it will cause uneven pressure on the scraper, which directly affects the uniformity of the coating. Only if the scraper is relatively flat, can the difference in coating amount be within the standard range. 5, The left and right movement of the scraper plays an important role in reducing the scraping line, improving the sharpness and utilization rate of the scraper, and reducing the wear of the anilox roller. In this regard, the mesh wall wears less, the mesh hole is relatively deep, and the liquid filled There are more parts, which is beneficial to achieve the required coating amount.

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