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How long does it take for degradable plastic bags to degrade?

Compared with ordinary plastic bags, degradable plastic bags are easy to break, but they are more environmentally friendly. So how long does it take to explain degradable plastic bags? Let YLTPACKING introduce to you today. There are many ways to degrade degradable plastic bags. The more common one is to degrade them by burying them in the soil. Because the soil contains microorganisms and other factors, it can help the plastic bags to degrade better, so the general natural degradation days are only 180 days. days or so. Of course, this time is only relative to fully biodegradable plastic bags. Another way of degradation is to throw it into the sea for water degradation. Of course, this method is not very commonly used. Even if it enters the sea, most of it is discarded artificially. It is more effective to degrade in the soil. As long as the degradable plastic bags are fully biological, it only takes 1-2 months to degrade them in the sea.

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