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How many years does it take for a PLA stic bag to degrade?

How long does it take for a PLA stic bag to degrade? This is a question that is not a question. Because PLA stic bags are used by everyone, it brings great convenience to people, but we all know the pollution of PLA stic bags to the environment.Why do PLA stic bags pollute the environment? The reason is that its chemical stability is very good, and it can only be degraded in the natural environment for hundreds of years. But how many years, in fact, each has its own theory, some200years, there are 400years, or even more.But no matter how many years, its impact on the environment is real, so it is meaningless to discuss how many years it takes for PLA stic bags to degrade.In reality, there is a PLA stic bag that can be used under certain conditions180degrades into water and carbon dioxide within a day, yes, you read that right. that is 180sky. This is a biodegradable PLA stic bag.Degradable PLA stic bags are organic materials extracted from PLA nts, mainly PLA and PBATcomposition. PLA : The Chinese name is polylactic acid, and the raw material is mainly corn starch, which is obtained through fermentation and polymerization. It is a new type of bio-based and renewable biodegradable material, which is completely biodegradable and can be processed by thermo PLA stic. In addition to being biodegradable, products made of polylactic acid also have high strength, high transparency, good heat resistance, and strong PLA sticity. PBATIt is a copolymer of butylene terephthalate and butylene terephthalate. It has excellent biodegradability and is currently one of the most active biodegradable PLA stics research and one of the best degradation materials in the market. PBATIt is a flexible material with heat resistance, excellent ductility and toughness.The combination of the two degradable PLA stic bags has the effect of protecting the environment. In addition to degradable PLA stic bags, other degradable PLA stic products, such as hangers, tableware, straws and other daily-used PLA stic products, can be degradable PLA stics products instead. The white pollution caused by ordinary PLA stics is finally about to be eradicated.


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