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How many years does it take for PLA stic bags to degrade?

With the progress and development of the times, the environment has also been threatened. In response to environmental protection policies, degradable PLA stic bags were born. Then the question arises, how many years does it take for degradable PLA stic bags to degrade?From the selection of raw materials to the processing of the production process, degradable PLA stic bags will not pollute the environment, but are also good for the ecological environment. Today, the decomposition time of ordinary PLA stic bags is200Years or more, it will eventually decompose over time into tiny particles invisible to the naked eye, which has a serious impact on humans and the environment, threatening our health, and landfilling or incinerating non-degradable PLA stic bags will damage the environment. Under the conditions of industrial composting, biodegradable PLA stic bags,180decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. After being discarded in the natural environment, it will not pollute the environment.In order to protect the environment, using biodegradable PLA stic bags is really a wise choice!

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