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How much influence does packaging have on a brand? – Packaging bag printing

Today is a business environment that pays attention to brands, and major companies are building their own brand images one after another. [Packaging bag printing] How much influence does packaging have on the brand? Here we will discuss it. In today’s design industry where brand awareness is strong, a brand is not just a name, a logo, or a combination of graphics, but an “intangible value” in the minds of consumers. A successful brand is vivid, informative, and powerful. Branding is a new concept and guide, which can form a new commanding height in the field of design and marketing, and create new competitive advantages and market effects. Packaging is the terminal design of a product, through which the product turns to the market and becomes a commodity. As the image of a product, packaging is a medium for direct communication between consumers and products, and is known as a “silent salesman”. Consumers’ feelings after using a product must be linked to the packaging in their memory. Packaging establishes a different brand image for similar products; packaging is also a strategic design for commodity sales. It is an important part of the product and the embodiment of product value. Packaging design can not only promote sales success but also lead to sales failure. Packaging design is one of the important factors to attract consumers and a tangible manifestation of brand value. The packaging design as brand identity should be able to actively and actively spread the brand value. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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