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How should dry compounding be reduced VOC semission

How should dry compounding be reducedVOCsemissionReduced in dry compoundingVOCsThere are three main aspects of emissions: 1, the discharged solvent is collected and reprocessedThis method is an ideal method without changing the existing dry compounding process.However, its equipment investment is very large, energy consumption is high, and it will have a certain impact on the drying capacity of the compound machine. 2, Use water-based glueThe use of water glue can solve the problem of organic waste gas emission at the source without changing the existing dry compound machine. However, this method has very high requirements on the drying capacity of the compound machine, and basically overlaps with solvent-free compounding in terms of product coverage. Compared with solvent-free compounding process, there is no advantage in compounding cost, so the applicable flexible packaging enterprises are relatively limited. 3, reduce the amount of solvent usedThis method does not require any changes to equipment, process, operation, workshop environment, etc.VOCsmethod of discharge. This is also the focus of this discussion.Due to the constraints of domestic equipment, technical level and usage habits, the characteristics of high solid content, low viscosity and suitable for high-speed production of high-concentration coating adhesives have not been widely and fully recognized by users, and have not been brought into full play. .However, with the development of the industry, the competition has become more and more fierce, and various enterprises have paid more and more attention to cost control.VOCsEmission control, high-concentration coating adhesives will gradually be valued by soft package companies.Reducing the amount of solvent used means that the glue needs to be able to be applied effectively at high concentrations. It is the first company to propose the concept of high-concentration and low-viscosity coating in China and to develop mature glue.The so-called high-concentration coating means that the glue can40%The above working fluid concentration is effective for coating.Traditional dry lamination, the coating concentration of glue is generally in30%, and our Huateng high-concentration coating glue is generally in45%Coating at the concentration! This greatly reduces the amount of solvent used, thereby reducing theVOCspurpose of discharge.Advantages of using high concentration, low viscosity glue: 1, While ensuring the same amount of glue (dry glue), the amount of diluent is reduced and the diluent is saved.As we all know, adding a diluent is to improve the wettability of the adhesive, ensure the coating performance, and control the amount of glue. The diluent is only used as the carrier of the glue, and it all volatilizes after the glue is applied and before the compounding, and in the end, it has no more relationship and significance to the compounding. Therefore, under the condition of ensuring normal use, the higher the solid content used, the less diluent added, and the greater the economic benefit obtained. Huateng new materialUF3170,UF2851,UF2852And other types of glue can be in40%Effective coating at the working fluid concentration.Suppose a flexible packaging company uses a month10tDry compound glue, in the traditional mode, soft package companies need to add15tEthyl ester (solid content of glue according to75%,10

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