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How should the gravure roll be protected?

How should the gravure roll be protected? There are the following points: 1, Before use, please wipe the layout anti-corrosion oil and check the layout for bumps, scratches and other problems. 2, The layout of the plate roller has been processed by special equipment, and there is no need to deal with it if there is no special situation before the machine. If you want to polish the plate roll, it is recommended to use1000#Sandpaper, do not touch it with hard, sharp objects to scratch the surface. 3When using, use a special scraper for the plate roll, and can not be replaced by other metal sheets. The scraper and the plate should maintain an appropriate angle and pressure according to the specific printing conditions. 4, After printing, the printing ink should be cleaned immediately to prevent the ink remaining in the mesh pit from drying and causing the printing plate to be blocked. 5, Do not touch and handle the plate roller with bare hands to prevent oxidation and scratches on the plate, especially in summer to prevent sweat from splashing on the plate. 6, the temperature and humidity are high in summer, the plate roller should not be stored in the plate box, the plate surface should be wiped clean and coated with anti-corrosion oil (recommended7#engine oil), cover it with clean plastic film, blanket or corrugated paper from the inside to the outside, and place it in a ventilated, dry (temperature0~30degree) environment, and keep away from acidic and alkaline corrosive substances.

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