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How to adjust the printability of water-based old ink

In order to reduce costs, it is impossible for us to use new ink every time at the beginning of printing, so the remaining ink is often added to the ink tank for use. It will become very viscous. At this time, if the printing is directly turned on, it will affect the printing effect to a large extent, and it is easy to produce paper-pulling and other phenomena.Under normal circumstances, people think that adjusting the ink with water will make it have strong fluidity. In fact, the result of doing so is: along with good fluidity, the problem of light color of the printed product will occur. The correct method at this time is: first stir the ink evenly, and then add an appropriate amount ofPHValue stabilizer or ammonia, water. It is mixed with a certain amount of new ink, and after sufficient stirring, it will have good fluidity and will not reduce the hue concentration of the ink. In addition, when using fresh ink, be sure to stir evenly first, and then adjust the dilution.

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