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How to avoid the problem of air leakage in packaging bags?

Nowadays, with more and more delicacies appearing, it will be difficult to preserve without packaging bags. The emergence of these delicacies also provides a good opportunity for the application and development of plastic packaging bags. The application of plastic packaging bags has also provided impetus for the development of the food industry.Vacuum packaging bags can preserve many foods well, for example, some vacuum meat products. However, many packaging bag manufacturers will encounter the quality problem of air leakage when using vacuum packaging bags, which is the air leakage that occurs for a period of time after vacuuming. How to avoid this situation?First of all, we need to find a strong supplier of plastic packaging bags, and require the supplier to provide material reports and components to achieve qualified quality.Second, manufacturers should also consider their owncVacuum equipment. The current vacuum sealing edge is10cm wide. Some manufacturers are still old devices with sealed edges for5CM.Again, it should be clearly stipulated that the supplier cannot add any recycled materials, otherwise trachoma will appear on the surface of the film(Of course, this trachoma is invisible to the human eye), which can lead to chronic air leaks.Finally, the heat sealing time should be adjusted when sealing, generally1to3seconds, the cooling time is generally5seconds. The vacuum time should be determined according to the actual product and the size of the vacuum packaging bag, for the internal vacuum extractor usually in10to25seconds, for external vacuum extractors typically at5to15between seconds. Seals must lie flat and must not wrinkle. The machine temperature should be constant.In addition, when packed into the box, when transporting(especially during transport), should be handled with care to avoid damage.

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