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How to check whether the vacuum packaging bag is qualified

After the production of the product is completed, it is necessary to check whether the product is qualified before using it in large quantities. Briefly introduce the aspects from which the vacuum packaging bag can be tested for qualification. 1. Inspection of raw materials: a. Film (aluminum foil) thickness (according to GB 6672), tensile strength & elongation (according to GB 13022-91), wetting tension (according to GB 10003-88), oxygen/moisture permeability (according to GB1038/1037) ), high temperature resistance, hygienic suitability (in compliance with GB-9687-88), appearance of vacuum food bags; b. High temperature resistance and food hygiene suitability of adhesives and inks; 2. Inspection of film (aluminum foil) lamination process: a. Appearance (no obvious defects such as wrinkling, delamination, etc. visually); b. Compounding speed and viscosity of glue: the measured values ​​are different depending on the adhesive used and the ratio; c. Glue amount detection: Use coated paper (or self-adhesive glossy paper) in three different positions: left, middle and right, put them in the middle of the two layers of film that are to be compounded, and remove the sample after compounding . Then use a 100mm100mm area square to cut out the measurement samples at three different positions: left, middle, and right; then remove the coated paper (or self-adhesive paper), and put the glued film on the electronic scale for weighing. Note down the weight a. Then put the weighed film (coated surface with glue) into the solvent (EA) to wash and remove the glue, and then put it into the electronic scale for weighing, and record the weight b. Ab is the amount of glue applied to the sample, and then it can be converted into the unit of g/m2. D. Control of curing temperature and time after compounding: according to the different raw materials used, set the corresponding temperature and time; e. The composite strength between the cured composite films (according to 8808-88); cut out the left, middle and right three test pieces, the width of the test pieces is 15mm, the length is about 15cm, and the layers to be tested are peeled and separated by about 15mm , respectively fixed on the upper and lower fixtures of the LDX-200 universal material testing machine, and the pulling speed was adjusted to 100mm/min for measurement. F. Residual solvent content in vacuum food packaging bags: Cut a 0.2m2 sample, quickly cut the sample into 10mm30mm pieces, put it into a clean 500ml conical flask preheated at 80°C, seal it with a silicone stopper, and put it in After heating for 30min in an 80°C thermostat, use a 5ml syringe to take a gas sample from a 1ml bottle and inject it into a 2061C gas chromatograph for measurement. The result is ≤10mg/m2 as qualified. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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