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How to choose composite packaging bag material?

For food packaging, all packaging is made of composite materials, generally more than two layers are composited. Here is the selection method of composite packaging bag materials, as follows: 1. Surface material: non-heat-sealable If there are many materials, it should be considered to choose materials with good heat resistance and small thermal shape, such as BOPA, BOPET, BOPP, and other materials are the first choice. 2. Inner layer material. That is, the heat-sealable material can be heat-sealed at a temperature 30 degrees lower than the heat-deformation temperature of the surface material. If the heat-deformation temperature difference between the surface material and the heat-sealing layer material is too small, it will bring difficulties to the temperature control of bag making, because If the temperature is low, the sealing fastness will be deteriorated, and the requirements will not be met. In order to improve the sealing fastness, the temperature will be increased. Since the thermal deformation temperature difference between the inner and outer layers is too small, the surface material will be easily scalded. For the same heat-sealing material, the heat-sealing strength will increase with the thickness of the heat-sealing material. Therefore, the inner layer material of the back-sealing bag and the stand-up bag should be more than 30C thick. If the inner layer material is too thin, It will affect the sealing of the finished bag. more knowledge,

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