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How to choose custom materials for kraft paper bags

How to choose the material for the custom-made kraft paper bag? With the issuance of the national “plastic restriction order”, the role of paper bags in people’s lives has become more and more important. At the same time, many companies choose to customize paper bags in order to display their company image and product image. Of course, any product has high, medium and low grades, and the material of paper bags is no exception. First of all, the most common paper is white cardboard. Due to its firm texture, a thickness of 210 grams is generally enough to support 3 to 5 kilograms. Of course, if it is a heavier leather jacket or other items, using a 250-gram white card will have a better load-bearing effect. Good, and the printing effect is also good, the price is moderate, generally the choice of high-end products. Coated paper is an uncommon material. Its quality is softer than that of white cardboard. The conventional thickness is 175 grams. The printing effect is the same as that of white cardboard. . In recent years, white kraft paper of about 180 grams has become popular in many large foreign brands of clothing bags. The white kraft paper they use is mostly made abroad. This kind of paper bag is lighter to use and will not be particularly large because of its load-bearing capacity. It is not as good as white cardboard, but the printing is not easy to change color, and it does not need lamination, and its price is also the highest among various materials. Of course, there are also yellow cowhide materials. Its price is relatively cheaper than the coated paper below, but the printing effect is not as good as other materials. Of course, the imported ones are better than the domestic ones. If the output value of the product is not high, choosing cheap packaging can save a lot of costs. The price of gray board paper and double-sided white material is more cost-effective, and it can be said to be the cheapest material among all kinds of paper. Grayboard, as the name suggests, refers to paper with one side white and one side gray, the minimum thickness is 250 grams, the hardness is softer, the printing effect is similar to that of white cardboard, and it also needs to be covered. Double-sided white is similar to gray cardboard, except that the two sides are white, and the middle is gray. The price is more expensive than gray cardboard, and it can also be used to “charge” white cardboard. I will add so much about the material of the paper first, and I will introduce it in detail when there is time. However, when choosing materials, we must first pay attention to matching the grade of the product, and secondly, we must not blindly pursue cheapness. We must confirm the sample with the manufacturer, and pay attention to the effect of matching with the product, so as to avoid the impact of “disharmony”. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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