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How to clean a portable water bottle bag

The portable water bottle bag can be recycled, but it will naturally produce some loot after being used too many times, so how to clean it?In fact, the portable water bottle bag cleaning method is very simple. First, remove the bottle cap and carabiner, use80°C to100°C of the total capacity of the kettle loaded with hot water30%to50%. Then put the lid on, then hold the top and bottom of the portable water bottle with both hands and repeat shaking with even force. Repeat the operation in the same way as needed1to3times. Be sure to check that the lid is screwed on tightly to prevent hot water splashing and hurting people, and the shaking speed should also be from slow to fast. It is not recommended to use any cleaning agent for cleaning, because if the washing is not timely or thorough, there will be odor residues and harm to the body

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