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How to control the key points of the printing machine when the tea packaging bag is printed?

Printing machinery refers to the general term for machinery and equipment used to produce printed matter. Printing machinery can be divided into five categories: letterpress, flatbed, gravure and special printing machines. Each category can be made into different types of printing machines according to structure, printing format, and number of colors. For example, four-color printing presses and full-sheet printing presses, although there are many types of printing machinery and different characteristics, they are generally composed of paper feeding, ink feeding, positioning, control, printing plate and impression cylinder, and paper delivery.Control ink balanceMaster the principle of less water and thick ink. Less water is based on the premise that the blank part of the layout is not sticky and dirty, and the ink thickness is also based on the less water. In one water supply and ink supply, the mixing and emulsification of ink and water will occur three times, and it is impossible to maintain a strict dividing line between water and ink.In general, when usingPSFor printing on plate, paper with smooth surface, and when printing speed is fast, the water supply amount can be relatively small.

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