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How to customize cost-effective rice packaging bags?

Nowadays, rice is becoming more and more particular about packaging. Of course, a good packaging bag is not only beautiful in appearance but also conducive to long-term storage. The taste of the rice has been greatly preserved! However, with the arrival of gold, silver and silver, the cost of materials is also rising in all aspects, so how to make high-quality and low-cost product packaging within a limited budget? Food bags, food packaging bags are first of all design: when many customers ask us to make packaging bags, they all have a common demand of “high-end”, “atmosphere” and “upgrade”; “high-end” pays attention to the matching of materials and processes, For example, if the rice grains are relatively full, you can choose the window-opening process to match. If the budget is sufficient, you can add a gold printing process to improve the grade of the rice packaging bag. The “atmospheric” design style takes the simple route. Secondly, the choice of bag type Small gram weight 500g~1kg can choose organ bag, eight-side sealing bag; 1kg~5kg: there are two types of bag types: three-side sealing and four-side sealing, and the four-side sealing is mainly used with rice vacuum bags. The three-dimensional sense of the seal is better, and it is not only beautiful in appearance but also conducive to long-term storage of rice when sold in vacuum rice bags. If the budget is not very abundant, you can choose the bag type with three-side seal. (Three-side sealing can also save some costs by punching hand holes.) Three-side sealing can be vacuumed or not. Vacuumed is good for long-term sales, and non-vacuumed is suitable for short-term sales! Finally, there is the material matching: the inner bag is generally made of nylon compound pe material, and the outer bag is more abundant, such as kraft paper compound pet, nylon compound sub-film, nylon compound bright film, pet aluminum plating, etc.

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