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How to deal with the use of fully biodegradable garbage bags? Do you also want to participate in garbage sorting?

Since the dissolving products were put into use, many netizens have been concerned about the difficulty of recycling and reusing fully biodegradable plastic bags. Can they be thrown directly into the wet trash can??Are dissolving products also subject to garbage classification? ?Under saturation, the fully biodegradable plastic bag enters the tail solution together with other wet garbage, and becomes able to moisturise or improve soil organic matter. But in fact, after connecting with the terminal equipment solution link, the melting time of the fully biodegradable plastic bag is actually relatively longer in use compared with the ecological wet garbage. From wet trash to changing analytical chemicals, it can take a few days, and a bit slower.15days to twenty days;Compared with the fully biodegradable plastic bags, the cycle is very long, usually at least one month.China’s fully biodegradable plastic bags are still in their infancy, and have not been used in all directions.;The matching machinery and equipment for processing fully biodegradable plastic bags has not been universalized in all directions. However, the current processing methods are generally mixed with general packaging bags.In my country’s current wet waste treatment production process, the first is to fish for plastic sediment. Therefore, even if the fully degradable plastic bag is discarded without the bag breaking machine, it will finally be salvaged and separated for processing.In order to control costs, some merchants in China directly mix up the fish and the beads. They have never used fully biodegradable plastic bags, but use them inPEInfiltrated with starch-based plastic, then printed on”degradation”I mark it and become the eco-environmental protection product. However, with the increasingly stringent supervision of plastics in the country, the continuous innovation of wet waste treatment technology and the continuous improvement of fully biodegradable plastic bags, the recycling and reuse of microbial strain-degraded plastic bags will be carried out in a more environmentally friendly way, that is, from product to Recycling the green industrial chain.

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