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How to design high-temperature cooking bag

Cooked chestnuts are loved by consumers because of their rich nutritional value. China is rich in chestnuts. However, at present, the packaging of chestnuts is generally retail bulk or ordinary plastic bagging technology. Although the packaging is simple, its shelf life is short, and the added value and packaging taste are low. It is not only different from the level of the original nutritional value of chestnuts, but also urgent to improve the added value of packaging, so as to form a brand packaging of chestnuts. Soft bag steaming and boiling bags are widely used because of their advantages such as high temperature sterilization, refrigeration, good barrier and beautiful appearance, such as packaging of meat, fruit products and other products. The base material of the cooking bag is its skeleton, which plays the role of containing and protecting the product. It should generally have high mechanical strength, resistance to 120 ℃ high temperature, good printing applicability and transparency. Selection of barrier layer; Opaque high-temperature cooking bags are available in aluminum foil type and aluminum zinc plated type.

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