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How to detect the unevenness of aluminum foil adhesive coating?

The aluminum foil printing surface is coated with a protective agent, and the other side is coated with an adhesive. Whether the adhesive coating is uniform and whether there is any leakage will directly affect the sealing and quality of the blister packaging, that is, the sealing performance.Simple discrimination method: Observe with the naked eye in a place with sufficient light. If there are clear straight line stripes or very thick and short intermittent straight lines and horizontal stripes, it is an unqualified product. The bonded surface of a qualified product should be very smooth and flawless.Detection and quantification method: use one ten thousandth analytical balance, take it from the finished product100mm|*100mmsample5Sheets, weighed separately, and then wiped off the adhesive with ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone or other solvents, and weighed again: the difference between the two masses is the coating amount, and find out5The average value of the coating amount of the sheet, the difference between the coating amount of each sheet and the average value should not be greater than±10%.In addition, the thickness of the adhesive layer has a great influence on the degree of bonding fastness, and the adhesive layer is too thin and hot pressingPVCIn the case of hard flakes, the bond fastness will be reduced due to the lack of material. Using a heat sealer to detect the heat seal strength of the laminate can determine whether the quality requirements are met.

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