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How to detect whether food packaging bags are poisonous

Food packaging bags are called”special food additives”. It is the last process in the modern food industry. To a certain extent, food packaging bags have become an inseparable and important part of food. However, the situation facing my country’s food packaging bag industry is not optimistic. So, for us, what should we do?Everyone encounters many different forms of”sugar-coated shells”such as psychological, material and so on. But there is one that is experienced every day, and it is getting worse. this is the food”sugar-coated shells”—Food packaging bags. Food packaging bags are called”special food additives”, it is the last process of the modern food industry, to a certain extent, food packaging has become an inseparable and important part of food. However, the situation facing my country’s food packaging industry is not optimistic. So, for us, what should we do?I once saw such a report: Dingxi County, Gansu Province is famous for its high-quality potatoes, and a food factory’s potato chips are about to be launched.According to the chemical laboratory of Lanzhou University, the strange smell came from the packaging bag of potato chips. After analysis and testing, the Lanzhou Quality Supervision Bureau determined that these strange smells came from the benzene remaining in the packaging bags.The results show that the amount of benzene residues in potato chips packaging bags exceeds the standard3times, it is a serious excess.Incidents like this are not uncommon. At present, the management of food packaging materials, especially disposable tableware products in the market is very chaotic. The use of shoddy and fake food packaging materials seriously threatens the health of consumers, and affects my country’s food packaging industry and even the entire food industry. healthy development. The results of the random inspection of food packaging (film) announced by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine show that in addition to general plastic bags, the sampling failure rate of special food packaging bags is as high as15%. Among them, the main problems are that the hygiene indicators do not meet the national standards and the physical and mechanical properties of the products are poor. Food packaging manufactured according to the traditional process is inevitably doped with solvents of harmful substances such as benzene and toluene. Although most of them are volatilized during the manufacturing process, a small amount of solvent will remain between the composite films. As time goes on, it penetrates into the food from the surface of the membrane, making it deteriorate and taste bad. Therefore, relevant experts pointed out that the use of unqualified food packaging bags, especially those spoiled foods, will have adverse effects on human health, especially the development of children and adolescents.At present, there are many kinds of food packaging plastic bags, which are generally mainly made of two types of plastic films: one is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine and other raw materials; the other is made of polyvinyl chloride. Among them, polyvinyl chloride is a toxic variety. Although the polyvinyl chloride resin itself is not toxic, the addition of plasticizers during the production process will cause toxicity. In addition, stabilizers are added to some plastic products, and these stabilizers are mainly lead stearate, and the lead salt is easily precipitated. Once inhaled, it will cause accumulated lead poisoning, thus endangering the health of consumers.Identifying toxic food packaging bagsWhether or not plastic bags are toxic can be identified by the following simple methods:Water detection method: put the plastic bag in water, the non-toxic plastic bag can surface after being put into the water; the toxic plastic bag will not float upward.Hand touch detection method: touch the plastic bag with hands, those with a sense of lubrication are non-toxic; otherwise, it is toxic.Jitter detection method: grab one end of the plastic bag with your hand, pat it hard, and those who make a crisp sound are non-toxic; otherwise, they are toxic.Fire detection method: You can cut off one side of the plastic bag and burn it with fire. The poisonous one is not easy to burn; the non-toxic one is easy to burn in case of fire.

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