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How to distinguish between aluminum foil and aluminum-plated packaging bags

In today’s society, aluminum foil packaging bags and aluminized packaging bags are widely used, but many people confuse these two kinds of packaging bags and cannot remember how to identify them. This afternoon, Shenzhen yltpacking will share with you the in-depth analysis of the gap between aluminum foil packs and aluminized packs. First of all, let’s take a look at how these two bags are defined. The aluminized bag is made by uniformly dip-coating the high-purity metal material aluminum on the plastic film under the necessary conditions of high temperature and vacuum. Therefore, when it is coated on plastic, metal aluminum mainly performs a decorative function, which does not help much to improve the barrier properties of the material. The aluminum foil bag is made of pure metal material aluminum plate, if you poke it gently with your hand, such a thin thickness will be broken by you. Even though it doesn’t look strong, it is very effective when combined with other plastics. After being compounded with more than one layer of plastic, it can also improve the barrier properties, airtightness, fragrance retention, and shielding properties of the plastic. Look: Because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as that of aluminum plating, aluminum foil is not as reflective as aluminized film. The appearance design of aluminized matte film is very similar to aluminum foil. You can block the opening of the packaging bag and see through the strong light inside the packaging bag. The aluminum foil bag is not transparent, and the transparent one is the aluminum-coated bag. Touch: Aluminum foil bags feel thick, hard and heavy. Aluminum foil bags feel lighter and softer than aluminum foil bags. Folding: The aluminum foil packaging bag is easy to fold into dead folds and dead marks, and the aluminized packaging bag will pop out quickly at the kink, and the aluminum layer will not have obvious cracks. Burning: Aluminum foil is not easy to burn, the aluminum layer will roll back, and the gray aluminum slag will remain in the aluminum foil bag after burning. When the aluminized film burns, the different plastic films will burn and have no aluminum residue.

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