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How to distinguish the quality of tea bags?

Generally, we buy tea packaging bags in two ways: spot and customized. How to distinguish the quality of tea packaging bags? First of all, on the premise of relevant qualifications, understand the production scale and production workshop environment of the manufacturer from the official website or e-commerce platform. We will not consider the large cross-domain and dirty workshop environment. The second is mainly to look at the product, you can first batch a small amount of bags back, (customized customers can directly ask the merchant for sample bags, generally customized packaging bag manufacturers will provide sample bags for free) After all, the effect of the packaging bag shown in the picture is limited. . After getting the samples: 1. Judging by touch, good tea bags are more comfortable to the touch, smooth or soft, while inferior plastic bags are not only hard, but also rough. Be vigilant and try to choose a packaging bag with a more comfortable material. Second, it is judged by the sense of smell. Good tea bags have no taste, while inferior tea bags will have a pungent smell, and this pungent smell cannot be dissipated for a long time. It is toxic. We must pay attention when choosing tea packaging bags. When encountering such packaging bags, we must choose carefully, especially for packaging tea. 3. Try to peel off the tea packaging bags. The tea packaging bags are all composited by multiple layers of plastic films. The tea packaging bags with good composites are more difficult to be layered, while the tea packaging bags with poor composites are easy to be separated. It can be layered. Such packaging bags have poor gas barrier properties and are easily affected by moisture, which affects the quality of tea leaves and is not conducive to sales. Fourth, look at the printing color. The printing color of good tea bags is clear and uniform, while the color of inferior tea bags is uneven and the quality is very bad. We also need to keep our eyes open and choose carefully for this kind of tea bag packaging. There are no problems with the above four methods, then we can negotiate and cooperate with the merchants. For more identification methods about the quality of tea packaging bags, you can directly contact our manufacturer to answer for you! food bags, food packaging bags

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