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How to distinguish whether food packaging bags are qualified or not?

The combustion test is non-toxic, the vacuum packaging bag is flammable, the flame tip is yellow, and the part is blue. Aluminum foil bag, plastic bag flame tip is yellow, bottom is green, can be softened. Non-toxic vacuum bag is white, transparent or transparent, uniform texture, toxic vacuum bag is white or white, but the opacity is poor, plastic surface is uneven , The particles are small. When the ear hears the vacuum packaging bag by hand, the flap of the clear signal sound is a non-toxic vacuum packaging bag; the sound is small and boring is a toxic vacuum packaging bag. Touch the surface of the plastic bag, smooth and non-toxic, Sticky, astringent, and wax toxic. The smell of non-toxic plastic bags is tasteless, and the irritating smell or abnormal taste is toxic. [Food Packaging][Food Bags][Food Packaging Bag Manufacturers]

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