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How to distinguish whether food packaging bags are suitable for packaging food?

As the name suggests, food packaging bags are packaging products used in direct contact with food. The safety of food packaging bags will directly affect the safety of food. When purchasing packaged food in daily life, we can use the following methods to identify the safety of food packaging products.First of all, we should pay attention to the name of the product to determine its purpose and scope of use. Then look at whether the label of the food packaging bag is printed withQSsign,QSThe mark is a national standard certification for plastic products that come into direct contact with food. In addition, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the food bag has poor light transmittance or quality problems, such as spots, aerosols, bubbles, etc.If the food packaging bag has a strong plastic smell, it means that the food packaging bag is not suitable for packaging food. Generally speaking, a qualified food bag should not have any peculiar smell.For packaging bags that are mainly used for packaging food, special attention should be paid to sales personnel to understand their materials, uses, etc.Carefully touch the food bag with your hands. For burrs and breakages in key parts such as openings, it means that no food bags are used to avoid accidents.Different foods have different chemical composition, physical and chemical properties, etc. Therefore, different foods have different protection requirements for food packaging bags. For example, cakes are rich in oil, soft in texture, and have a certain optimum water content. Therefore, it should at least meet the following requirements: oil resistance, oxygen resistance and moisture resistance.

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