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How to face the quality problems of aluminum foil bags

In the entire production process of packaging bags, it is inevitable that deviations will occur in a certain link, resulting in product problems. How to coordinate these problems with customers can have implementation guidelines to solve practical problems for customers. Food bags, food packaging bags, 1. When aluminum foil bags encounter quality problems, they need to be properly calculated and understood; 2. When customers complain about problems, understand what problems are, reflect the data, and hold special discussion meetings if necessary to study and formulate plans to deal with problems ; 3. Make judgments on whether to withdraw or not, and solve problems based on the customer’s site. Follow-up emergency measures and plans, do a good job in customer communication and how customers use it; vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags, 4. On-site quality problems, follow the principle of “let customers talk first, understand various situations and problems”; 5. Implementation of four It is not principled, the reason is not identified, the responsible person is not clear, the problem is not solved, and the training is not good; Reporting to leaders and senior management of the company. Composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag

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