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How to make red dates packaging bags

For customers who are accustomed to taking off-the-shelf packaging bags, the process of custom packaging bags is relatively complicated. It is inevitable that they have no clue when making bags for the first time, and the process is not very clear, which increases the difficulty of communication. The following is an introduction to the process of customizing red jujube packaging bags. Food bags, food packaging bags 1. Confirm the size. If the product specifications remain unchanged, you can refer to the size of the packaging bags in stock. If you want to adjust the specifications, you can determine (length, width, height) by multiplying or dividing the value between 0.6 and 0.7 according to the sample bag or by determining the length of one side. 2. Design, after we have the size, we will start to make design documents. For the main details of the design, pay attention to reserving the position of the bag edge sealing, zipper position, and the position of opening the window, so as to avoid changes when the design documents are handed over to the packaging bag manufacturer in the later stage. A big departure from the original design style. 3. Confirm the printing material. The material is divided into inner layer (heat sealing layer), middle layer and outer layer. The inner layer is mainly made of PE, CPP, the middle layer is PET, PET aluminized, aluminum foil, nylon, etc. BOPP bright film and BOPP sub-film can also be combined directly inside and outside by removing the intermediate layer. 4. Confirm the printing process. The printing process of packaging bags includes UV, bronzing, silver foiling, aluminum washing, window opening, etc. Red dates packaging bags generally have more window opening processes, which is beneficial to increase the visual impact of the product on the shelf and enhance competition. Power to stimulate consumers to promote consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. For questions about craftsmanship, please refer to “Introduction to Common Crafts and Special Materials of Food Packaging Bags! 》 5. Proofing, there are two kinds of proofing, one is manual sample, mainly depends on the effect, can not bear the load. The second is the physical sample. The physical sample is a test machine product before the production of large-scale goods. It is mainly used to check the color and check whether the printed content is clear or not. 6. After confirming the production of documents, product color and printing content are correct, mass production can be carried out. 7. Delivery.

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