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How to make snack packaging bags better

In a blink of an eye, 2019 is coming to an end. Next is New Year’s Day and traditional Chinese festivals – New Year’s Eve. Around New Year’s Eve, we will prepare new year goods and a large number of snacks to support related marketing activities. Therefore, many snack manufacturers have begun to invest in large-scale Production, the packaging bag is even more important. The design and printing of pre-sale snack packaging bags will directly affect the sales of the company’s products. So how to make the packaging bag so that the chain does not fall off? Food bag, food packaging bag Packaging bag design, for a product, is a visual image display, and is the key to consumers’ first impression of the product. Not only need to perfectly reflect the concept, selling point, style, and audience range of the product, so as to classify the corresponding audience into the consumption circle, but also need to add some planning and design ideas to increase the packaging highlights and attract some non-potential consumers. . The design points of packaging bags are mainly divided into: 1. Beautification, the purpose of beautification is to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, show the best side of the product, and hide the shortcomings that affect the product itself. 2. Promotion, according to data, has a visual impact, and novel packaging can promote consumers’ purchasing behavior. 3. Other functions, when the packaging bag is in use, it is inevitable that some small problems will occur. For example, the packaging bag with better quality is difficult to tear open. Easy to tear film to increase user experience. 4. Composition elements. The design composition mainly revolves around trademarks, graphics, and text for typesetting. Generally, good packaging bags are designed to be clear and simple. 5. Graphic design, using the existing characteristics of packaging bags, such as opening a window on the physical map to make an embellishment. Or make the packaging bag into a special-shaped bag all the time to increase the visual impact. 6. Color design, the choice and collocation of colors directly affects the temperament and style of the entire package, and also corresponds to different consumer groups. Of course, its application is also closely related to the conception and composition of the entire picture design, and cannot be independent of them. 7. Text design, text design is the most easily overlooked part of the entire packaging design, but often, text can not only directly and accurately convey relevant information to consumers, but also the design of fonts to express a certain theme. Notation, the overall style of React packaging. When designing packaging, typography must be considered as part of the design. Choose bag type 1. If the snack packaging bag is a small packaging bag, it can be sealed on three sides. The main reason is that the production process of three-side sealing is relatively mature, and the price is relatively cheap compared to other bag types. In addition, we usually make a gift bag. Outer bag, so the three-side sealed bag is the best choice. 2. It is recommended to use stand-up pouches for products with a weight of about 200g. Stand-up pouches can stand up, whether online or offline, the shelf effect is very good. 3. For high-end product lines, eight-side-sealed bags can be considered. The eight-side-sealed bags have a better three-dimensional effect. They are emerging bag types in recent years. The shelf display is the best, and they are relatively novel and easy to attract attention. Material selection The material selection includes kraft paper, aluminum foil or other plastic materials. For specific material recommendations, please refer to the packaging bag knowledge “Introduction to Materials of Dried Fruits and Nuts”

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