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How to manage old gravure ink?

How to manage old gravure ink?Since the solvent used in the gravure plastic ink is a low-boiling point solvent, the volatilization during the printing process will make the mixing ratio of the solvent unbalanced, or the surface of the ink or the surface of the roller will be extremely cooled due to the cooling of the solvent volatilization, so that the moisture in the air penetrates into In addition, during the printing process, due to film fragments or electrostatically inhaled dust mixed into the ink, especially the pattern area is small, the ink with a small amount is more likely to change, and the remaining ink tends to have a low viscosity. Separation and precipitation are quicker, therefore, they must be fully stirred when reused, or100After filtering the metal mesh above the mesh, mix it with new ink for digestion. If it continues to be stored, it must be sealed, marked with the type of ink, and attached with a mark, and placed in a cool place.

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