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How to produce composite packaging bags

Composite packaging bags are made of a variety of raw materials, such as OPP, PE, composite film and so on. The process is very cumbersome. It goes through: ordering, engraving, printing, compounding, drying, bag cutting, quality inspection, warehousing, and delivery. Composite packaging bag bag shape: side seal, bottom seal, middle seal, three-side seal, eight-side seal, special shape, side accordion bag, etc., provide free bag samples for customer reference, and provide free document design. Tea packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags Application scope of composite packaging bags: suitable for food, electronic products, chemicals, medicine, tea, clothing, beauty, hardware, toys, agricultural products, local specialties, etc. For example: tea bags, facial mask bags, red dates bags, snack food bags, coffee bags, betel nut bags, special-shaped bags, whole grain bags, laundry liquid bags, aluminum foil bags, snack stand-up bags, etc. Composite packaging bag printing: mainly copper plate printing, plus hot stamping, hot silver, laser and other processes. The copper plate is made by a professional copper plate factory, and the quality of it directly affects the later effect. To understand the customers who make composite packaging bags, you can come to our factory for on-the-spot inspection. Factory address: Building A and B, Dajin Industrial Park, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City. food bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags

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