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How to proof the plastic packaging bag

Many customers who customize packaging bags, in order to ensure product quality, will choose proofing in the early stage to confirm the printing effect and whether the size is suitable. However, there will be some losses and costs, and often this cost is borne by the customer. In fact, this part of the cost can be avoided. According to the purpose, the proofing of plastic packaging bags can be subdivided into two types: one is to look at the effect, and the other is to look at the printing quality. Food bags, food packaging bags 1. Look at the actual effect; in the packaging of new products, it is sometimes difficult for us to confirm whether the size of the plastic packaging bag is appropriate, so we need to proofing to see the actual effect, which can be achieved by proofing. The handmade samples are provided by the manufacturers free of charge. The size and printing of the handmade samples are very close to the bulk ones, because our main purpose is to see the effect, so the thickness and load-bearing problems can be ignored. 2. Look at the printing quality; if you look at the printing quality, the purpose is to inspect the product quality of the manufacturer. In fact, it is inaccurate to inspect the printing quality of the manufacturer by proofing, because when proofing, the packaging bag manufacturer usually chooses the stock material. However, the performance of the opened stock material is different from that of the new material. In order to comprehensively inspect the product quality of the manufacturer, you can contact the packaging bag manufacturer to send some samples. These “samples” are part of the bulk goods, not “samples” made for samples. Therefore, these samples can be safely used as a reference. The color difference we are worried about can be matched by the color on the sample bag, the international Pantone color number, and the color displayed on the ipad. Generally, it is recommended to use the first two methods, or go to the packaging bag manufacturer for on-site color matching. Before all the bulk goods come out, you can contact the manufacturer and send some finished product samples to confirm. In this way, the complicated proofing process in the early stage and the cost incurred by the proofing can be avoided.

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