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How to reduce residual solvent caused by incomplete drying?

How to reduce residual solvent caused by incomplete drying? 1.Reduce the amount of slow-drying solvent, increase the drying temperature, increase the amount of air blowing, and use double drying tunnel heating equipment; 2.If the printing speed is too fast, the complete volatilization of the solvent cannot be guaranteed, and a large amount of residues and odors are generated, so the machine speed can be appropriately reduced; 3.The humidity in the printing workshop should not be too high, otherwise the ink film will absorb the moisture in the air, so that the solvent in the ink cannot be fully volatilized, and the odor will remain. Generally, the humidity in the workshop is required to be at65%~75%between, the temperature is25℃ is appropriate; 4.The gravure cylinder adopts electronic engraving or laser engraving plate making, try not to manually corrode the plate, avoid too deep cells and uneven dots, especially for large-area cells, the requirements should be stricter, because the dots are not uniform, it is not easy to dry thoroughly during printing; The winding tension cannot be too large, otherwise it is not conducive to the volatilization of the residual solvent; 5.The printed matter after winding should be placed in a dry and ventilated placetwenty fourRecombination is carried out after more than one hour to reduce the residual solvent.

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