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How to remedy the flatulence of vacuum packaging bags?

In the process of using vacuum packaging bags, flatulence will occur after sterilization. However, the packaging bag has been sealed. it cannot be pierced,Let out the rising gas inside! What remedial measures should be taken at this time?The first step is to reduce the temperature of the vacuum bag, run it through cold water, pour cold water or freeze it. But be careful with freezing. It would be tragic if this material was not resistant to low temperatures. It will break the bag easily. Heat expands and cold contracts, and through cooling, the volume of gas in the bag is accelerated and reduced.The second step places it on the packaging machine for repressurization, and the inflated part is pressed back again. If the gas is between the envelopes, it’s hopeless to simply abandon it. After pressing again, the vacuum packaging bag can basically adhere to the food. If the packaging machine does not have a flattening device, find two such materials:A layer of hard material, wood or iron; a layer of soft material, sponge or soft glue; find these two together. First touch the vacuum packaging bag with the soft packaging bag, and then press firmly.The above is the method of dealing with those vacuum bags that have been inflated. Let me tell you how to solve the inflated vacuum bags. 1,Press flat before vacuuming to fit the food as best as possible and minimize air in the bag. 2, The suction nozzle is connected into two suction positions to achieve a three-dimensional vacuum and reduce dead angles. 3, During the heat sealing process, avoid air backflow as much as possible, destroy the environment in the bag, and excessive residual gas.Also talk about a high-quality, well-fitting bag that can help minimize gas.

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