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How to seal dry fruit packaging bags

Friends who are offline know that when products arrive in dealer stores, product placement, placement flatness, and product packaging are the three factors that affect product sales. The first two leading factors are the presence of downstream dealers. affected. And product packaging is a factor that our upstream suppliers can control. In the process of mass production, it will enter a “sealing” process. In fact, there are certain skills in sealing. If the sealing temperature and sealing timing are wrong, it will not only cause the sealing failure and the sealing is not firm. So how can we seal the edges to be as smooth and beautiful as the packaging bag manufacturers leave the factory? I did an experiment to find out. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 1. Material problems 1. BOPP/PE material: After heat sealing, it is found that the bag is not flat enough, relatively soft, and wrinkles appear when the temperature is slightly higher. Reason: The material we choose BOPP/PE is soft and lacks hardness. Therefore, the flatness is not good enough, which affects the overall effect of the bag! The solution is to add a layer of PET film with good flatness and certain hardness in the middle. If you are worried about the problem of material matching, you can directly find a packaging bag manufacturer with production experience. They have a wealth of solutions for general problems. 2. The problem of heat sealing layer: We chose PE material which is often used for heat sealing layer to do experiments, and found that if we use the film on the opposite side to heat seal, we found that the two films could not be attached together. After the heat-sealing temperature was raised, we heat-sealed again. Although we could barely seal the bag mouth, the edges of the seal were wrinkled and wrinkled. Very ugly. If there is a problem that it is difficult to seal the edge, we should pay attention to whether the bag is reversed when it is compounded, resulting in the problem of not being able to be heat sealed. Second, the problem of heat sealing machine 1. The hot air blower has single-sided heat sealing and double-sided heat sealing, as well as automatic and semi-automatic. This test uses a single-sided hot air blower (used for making sample bags), and the sealing effect is not very satisfactory. Therefore, when we purchase machines, we must choose machines that meet our output scale. 3. Heat sealing temperature 1. The sealing temperature is not enough, and the air tightness of the bag has a certain influence. Often we choose secondary sealing, so we cannot guarantee that the edge sealing line is consistent. Ultimately affects the appearance of the product packaging! 2. The temperature is too high, and the packaging bag is wrinkled, which is also not good-looking. 4. Heat-sealing time 1. We adjust different heat-sealing times under the same temperature, and find that the bags are not good-looking if the time is short or long. Summary: Under the condition that there is no problem with the material matching, we need to experiment with several dried fruit packaging bags and adjust the temperature and sealing time of the heat sealing machine. Just find our most suitable range. In addition, if the material is relatively thin, the value of temperature and time should be relatively low, otherwise, the value will be larger!


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