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How to solve the phenomenon of ink bubbles in the packaging bag during the printing process?

Under normal circumstances, during the printing process of the packaging bag, the ink in the ink tank will produce a large number of air bubbles. These bubbles adhere to the printing plate cylinder, so that some of the dots on the pattern disappear, and the printed product will appear white spots. The product is thus printed. However, the products appearing here will have bubbles due to the ink, so today YLTpacking will tell you how to solve the phenomenon of ink bubbles in the packaging bags during the printing process? Causes of bubbles: 1. The surface tension of the ink is strong, which is greatly affected by the resin and solvent used in the ink. Sometimes the viscosity of the ink is high, and it is easy to generate air bubbles. 2. The ink tank or circulation device is defective. A large number of air bubbles are caused by poor ink flow in the ink tank or circulation pump. When the ink is circulated by the ink pump, the ink flows from the ink tank to the circulation barrel. Due to the drop and the stirring effect of the printing plate cylinder at high speed, air bubbles will be formed in the ink. 3. On the printing press with direct ink supply, the magnetic stirring rod bends and jumps in the ink tank, causing bubbles. 4. Add an appropriate amount of defoamer. It has a special defoamer, but most of them have adverse effects on the properties of the ink. Improper use will cause bubbles, so it cannot be used more. The above is how China YLTpacking packaging solves the phenomenon of ink bubbles in the packaging bags during the printing process? Some suggestions and opinions made. If you read this article now, I hope you can understand the reasoning. In particular, it is recommended that some technicians specialize in printing packaging bags. For the correct printing process of packaging bags, it must not be sloppy, and sometimes a mistake can cause “eternal hatred”. Therefore, YLTpacking reminds you to do things seriously and carefully. Only in this way can we win the customer’s recognition of the product, the affirmation of the quality, and the trust of the company.

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