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How to solve the problem of poor opening of food flexible packaging bags?

In the process of using food flexible packaging products, there will be a phenomenon of poor opening. What method should be used to avoid this situation, and how should we solve the problem of plastic flexible packaging products that do not open well? When the factory is operating, some of the plastic bags used are difficult to open, and it is not helpful to rub hard with your hands, which brings a lot of trouble to the work. What should I do if these food flexible packaging products are not easy to open or even cannot be used at all? Hygiene How can this happen? In fact, it is a very common phenomenon that food flexible packaging does not open well. This situation does not mean that the packaging is unqualified, because there will be such and such situations in the production process. Warming, in this way, the bag will be strong and not easy to tear, but this will make the opening area difficult to use. There are advantages and disadvantages. It is a difficult problem to solve. If the customer encounters such a problem during use, do not When placed in the package, use a little edible starch to help add some lubricity to the opening of the food flexible packaging product, so that it is easy to open. Customers can also customize the packaging bags according to their own product requirements. In the production process, the method of low temperature and pressure reduction can be used to increase the wind force at the opening to prevent them from sticking. Food packaging bag customization, wholesale,

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